How do you manage your time, and will I run out of time?

Is time the key to all things in life? Whether starting in life, or your best years are in the rearview mirror, time, it seems we never have enough time. Though I am currently sixty years of age, I mentally feel thirtysomething. Ah, yes, age is a “State of Mind.” You may ask, what am I trying to Illustrate?

Please read this in its entirety, and ask yourself this one question? Do I have the time, education, resources, and the stamina to build my financial road map? If no, is the answer, we should a chat over what is important to you?

While I firmly believe, all of mankind is created equal; there are many points of contention with this statement. Leaving politics, political correctness, social status, wealth, or other factors out of this theory, we indeed are equal in this one sense, 1440. 1440 is the precise number of minutes we have in a day to try and fulfill our responsibilities, dreams,
and plan well for the future.

How do we and can we be all things to all people? I brazenly state and stand behind this statement; You Can’t! When I first meet a potential client, we conduct the first meeting as a casual interview of one another, to see if we are a good fit, long term. As a planner, friend, trusted counsel, I find this series of questions fascinating, and the responses it elicits when asked. It goes something like this. Tell me about your day? How do you account for the 1440 minutes in your day? What do you need to achieve? At the end of the day, how much time do you have to spare to build a financial roadmap? A proper plan will include, but not limited to, Tax Planning, Wealth Management, Risk mitigation strategies, Insurance, Cashflow, Managing Debt, Education, Retirement, Estate, and Succession Planning.

The clock starts running now:
Sleep (7 Hours)
One thousand four hundred forty minutes, (1440) minus the number of hours you sleep. The average number of hours needed to feel well rested, the national average is a little over seven hours, 420 minutes.
1440-420 = 1,020 Minutes. The clock keeps winding. How many hours do you work, of course, this can vary from occupation to lifestyle, to region of the country you live in, some have two jobs. To be average, we will use eight hours a day.

Work (8 Hours)
The clock keeps winding unless your batteries die. 1020 – 480 minutes = 540 minutes or Nine hours left in your day.

Travel Time (1 Hour)
540 – 60 minutes for travel from to and from work, now 480 minutes left or Eight hours left in your day.

Family Time (2 Hours)
Meal Prep, average prep time, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 30 minutes x 3 = 90 minutes. Family sharing over your evening meal, another 30 minutes, for a total of two hours.
480 – 120 = 360 or six hours in the day remaining.

Family Activities (90 Minutes)
If you have children, taking them to school, ballet, sports, movies, or just family time together at home, how much time do you take for this activity? An hour? If it is a sporting event, or dance recital, likely two, maybe three? For this activity, we will split hairs, and go with 90 minutes. 360 – 90 = 270 minutes or 4.5 hours.

If you are a Business Owner, Farmer, Professional, it is likely that you work longer hours than stipulated in this blog. I know I, as a professional, I work an average of fourteen hours a day, but I on average sleep

three to four hours, hence I have more time to work.
If you work more than twelve and a half hours, and your life looks something like this, you, my friend(s) have just run out of time. We firmly believe that you need a minimum of three trusted professionals whom you trust, and have faith in to do the right thing: a CPA, Holistic Planning Professional, and a Family Law practitioner. If your situation is more complex, we have additional resources who specialize in Advanced Tax Strategies, Wealth Management Portfolio Construction, Risk Management Solutions, and Estate & Succession Planning. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

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