We and our team of specialist have a common purpose with you in mind. Our client relationships require mutual Like, Trust, and Belief, when designing your customized Quality Financial Plan. The foundation of a Quality Financial Plan is understanding our client’s Values, Goals, and building a plan uniquely specific to your dreams and desired outcomes.

Our team will provide clarity where there is complexity, and present an easy to understand plan with built in solutions to your needs. We believe that all Canadian Families, Professionals, Farmers, and Business Owners are unique and deserve a well thought out, and comprehensive road map which we will review regularly and update all as needed.


I would like everyone to think about using a financial planner and I highly recommend William Peters of Peters Wealth Management. I met William at the trade show on the stampede grounds. He had the only booth for  information on investing. He was personable and not pushy.

I contacted him shortly after to discuss our financial investments. My husband had done a great job of looking after our investments but was ill and needed to know I would be looked after once he was gone.

We met with William in our home to have a discussion about our needs and we were very happy with his expertise. He created a portfolio for us to show how our money would be invested and grow according to our level of risk. He was able to explain the portfolio and his ideas for me to easily understand.

I hear from William regularly to let me know how my investments are doing and to inquire how everything is going with me personally.
I also was asked about my spending needs to pay bills and other expenditures. William helped set up a budget to allow me to pay my bills and save money for travel. I know I can count on him to help me with any changes I may need to make to this budget.

I would highly recommend William Peters to everyone interested in investing and others who have not given enough thought to their retirement. I have recommended him to a friend who is now making plans for her future retirement. You don’t have to have, for example, a few hundred thousand to invest to get started, you just need to get organized and get started on the right path.

Thank you,


We have had the pleasure of working with William Peters with Investors Group for the past 8 years, and now with Peters Wealth Management. Not only has he helped Gerald and I with our farming and personal investments, he is also helping our adult children with their investments as well.

William is efficient and extremely competent. He assists us in a professional and prompt manner. From the beginning William went out of his way numerous times to visit us at our home to answer questions or advise us on various investment information.

William is very committed to his work and we are most happy with his dedication to our family and our best interests.



I am very pleased with Peters Wealth Management. William Peters genuinely cares about people. He has years of experience investing. He actually listens to my concerns and gives recommendations based on my goals. I receive regular reports and personal phone calls. If you are tired of the banks not caring about you or your investments, I would highly recommend giving William Peters a try.



I was with one of the big six banks’ wealth divisions until I met William. My experience was sub-par and my advisors only called when times were good, and rarely would I hear from them.

I met William through my parents many years ago while he was with Investors Group and I became a client of his. I contacted William when he left IG Wealth Management and knew I needed to work with him. As an Oil & Gas consultant, our industry has been hard hit and experienced a lot of ups and downs.

William’s steady hand has brought me through and always has been there for me. Through it all, my investments are performing exceptionally well and Peters Wealth Management looks after every aspect of my life.

William and their team take care of everything else from Tax Planning, Cash Flow, Wealth Management, Insurance and whatever else I need. They manage my expectations, underpromise, and keep my emotions in check. I recently lost my father, William stepped in, and now my mom is looked after as well.

Jim S


An amazing group of professionals that has your best interests at heart. William Peters is truly a master of his craft and PWM is best in class when it comes to personal wealth, succession planning, tax planning, and risk management. Thank you for all that you do!



I have known William for many years. Gives great personal service and goes out of his way to help you with any personal issues that might arise in your life – positive or negative! Always stays in touch and goes that extra mile! I have recently switched to Williams’ new company and they absorbed my transfer fees for me! This was very much appreciated. Keep up your great service Will! 🤗



My financial advisors were with one of the big six banks until I met William.

I met William many years ago while he was with Investors Group. As a client of their practice William, Nancy, and Pam took very good care of me.When William left IG Wealth Management, I followed as a client, and I have never been happier. Peters Wealth Management looks after every aspect of my life.

Only regret? I wish I had met them sooner, as I truly feel at home with them knowing they care about the little things as well. They underpromise, and always over-deliver, from Tax planning, Wealth
Management, and Estate planning. Give them a call, you will be glad you did.

John S


A strong team that will help you reach your goals. I’ve worked with William and his team for the last few years and I feel confident that our financial plan is the best for my family. He’s always just a phone call or email away!



Thank you for saving our 3rd generation Farm & Business.

We met William ( Will) Peters of Peters Wealth Management at Agri – Trade in November 2018. Our operation at the time was valued a 5.5 Million, however we would have ceased to operate within eighteen (18) months, had we not met Will. Like many farmers, our only advice came from Accountants,Bankers, and other Farmers, which was our downfall.

We good accountants, but when we needed financial support, our financial institutions failed us. “ When things were tough, the response was, sorry we can’t help you. When we were flush with cash, the banks were all to happy to bury us in debt. The accumulation of debt, lack of financial literacy, and most of all, we suffered from “SOS”, Shiny Object Syndrome. Three years later, we are in a vastly improved situation, and happy to say that we will be a 4th generation farm. On behalf of our family, we are grateful for all that Will, His Team, and his Financial Partners have done for us, and continue to do moving forward. If this testimonial sounds like you, Call Will, you will glad you did.

O.A.D and family.


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